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Hello and thank you very much for stopping by.  I'm a mother, writer/poet and live in Scotland with my five wonderful children.  By day I'm a law tutor and academic researcher in criminal law/justice just about to embark on a Ph.D.  At night I like nothing more than to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea and some chocolate.

I've always written creatively for the catharsis and only started tinkering with poetry in the pandemic.  My inspiration comes from poets such as Mary Oliver, Carol Ann Duffy, Emily Dickinson, Sappho, Anne Stevenson, Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Molloy, Derek Mahon, Dylan Thomas - the list is endless.  

I'm a big fan of Greek Mythology and feminist reimaginings, old Hollywood Actresses/films, the theatre, ballet and music. 

I really hope you enjoy some of my most recent work and do get in touch via twitter if you are a writer/poet or just love to read @earlgrey79_lisa.

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Dec, 2020

Winter Spell

Fahmidan Journal

Dec 2020

Fake Belief

Daily Drunk Mag

Jan, 2021

Gemini Rising

A Constellation Of You

Royal Rose Mag

Jan, 2020

Day in Amsterdam

Winters Widower

The Minison Project

Jan, 2021

Frankly My Dear


Lovely Lines

Spring Melody

Aurora Journal

Jan, 2021

Chains Of Resistance

The Indian Feminist Journal

Jan, 2021

Forthcoming Jan, 2021

Snow Angels

Periwinkle Literary Review

Jan, 2021

If Lovers Were Made Of Dreams And Parts

The Diaries of A Country Girl:

I. My Boo Hugh

II. Country Bumpkin

Dwelling Literary 

Feb 2021

The Girl With No Coat

Body Police

Melbourne Culture Corner

Jan, 2021

I Indulge In Love

Skyway Journal

Jan, 2021

All That Remains

Superfroot Mag


Beating Wings

Spring Dance Nostalgia

Spring Fever

Poetically Magazine

March, 2021

February 2021

Mean Girls

Skyway Journal

February 2021

Auld Simon

Bird Song

Fevers of the Mind

Feb 2021

March, 2021

Feb, 2021

Flaming Hearts

Lovers Graveyard

The False Messiah

Fevers of the Mind

March, 2021

The Wicked Witch

Periwinkle Literary Review

March, 2021


Anti-Heroin Chic

April, 2021

Mary's Rose

Dwelling Literary

April, 2021

The Concept of Love

Carry on Conceiving

Hearth & Coffin

March, 2021

Chains of Resistance

Middle Finger


Necro Productions

April 2021


The Daily Drunk Mag

March, 2021

Mary Oliver

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

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