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About Me

I'm a mother and Scottish poet who began writing poetry during the pandemic. I have always enjoyed writing creatively as a hobby and love all things Greek and mythological. My other passion is teaching law and criminology and academic research. I'm particularly interested in women and children's experiences of the criminal justice system and penal reform and currently undertaking a PhD at Glasgow University.

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

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Stealing Hope

Moon of Aphrodite

 Upcoming in Acropolis Journal

Mother's Eyes

Upcoming in The Hyacinth Review

Published in 'Spellbound' by Spiny Hedgehog
Dec, 2022

Orion, Fevers of the Mind


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Let your heart emerge whole

inside a crescent moon

Dazzle stars with

your wit and fortitude

Grow like ivy

scale extraordinary heights

fill every crack with memories

of what’s still to come to light

Live like there’s always more

living to be done

and as your dreams migrate

rejoice in knowing

that even the bluest of skies

must come undone

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Please close the door as you leave

I’ll wrestle these monsters

Like Gaia only I know how to tame them

Light a match and watch it burn brightly

Put them back in Pandoras jar of dreams

weeping doesn’t help but pulsatilla might

A chain of daisies whirrs around my

head like a dainty halo

I want to dance with my darkness tonight

Maybe I’ll try Ophelia’s haunting little number

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Being Brave

I spill ink and blood

hit send with love

let it ruminate

I guess this is being brave

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The serpent recoils
Arranging her lithe form into
A treble clef
Quaking in her sheafed skin
She blows a silent O
Cupids bow at the ready
He knows where to aim his deadly arrow
She knows his fickle love won’t last   
And so, she turns him to stone
So that her heart keeps on beating
An eternal revolution

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